The Music

We play our very own arrangements of traditional Scottish and Irish tunes (plus some from England, Canada, America, and elsewhere), as well as contemporary instrumental music and original compositions in the traditional style.

We mostly perform as a 4 piece band, with whistle/uilleann pipes, fiddle, acoustic guitar/bass and drum kit.

Here you can find a couple of tracks we’ve shared so that you can get a feel for what kind of music we play. Have a listen – we recommend using headphones!

The most common kind of tune we play for dance is the humble jig (of which there are a few different kinds suited to different dances). They tend to be fairly bouncy tunes.

Jigs: Mice Jigs

While we’re at it, here is a video of a jig set we recorded live. The dance is called Bottoms Up, and involves ‘threading the needle’, circling, and a little bit of galloping, and the music goes along at a fast skip. (There are a few clips from other dances too.)

Jigs performed live at a ceilidh

We love playing reels too, which range in speed from the groovy (like the set Farewell to Thursday here) to very fast tunes like those used for Scottish reeling.

Reels: Farewell to Thursday

As well as the classic jigs and reels, we also have a large repertoire of marches, polkas, waltzes and more that are essential for a band of dance musicians. And if there’s something you particularly want to hear us play, just let us know in advance!

Miscellaneous clips

Thank you Firecrest for the ceilidh at our conference dinner. Your music was excellent and the guests had a brilliant time.